March 13, 2011

Submissions are Now Open

Submissions are now open for "Fingerprints." You can find submission guidelines here.

If you can't submit, please help get the word out about "Fingerprints." It's new, so it still has to be "found" by writers and readers. I'm hopeful this could turn into something really cool.

UPDATE: I've been asked whether I'll be paying for accepted works. While I do believe talented writers deserve some sort of compensation, I can't pay for accepted work at this time. I would be willing to consider it if I can get the traffic to where a sponsorship makes sense. So get the word out!


  1. Hey Ben, just gave it a plug on my latest post. Hope it helps. You got some great feedback over at The Flash Fiction Offensive. Well done, dude!

  2. Thanks for that, David, I do appreciate it. Just gotta get some flash non-fiction rolling in.

    And kudos on the FFO, it keeps getting better and better.